Career Coaching

We offer one-to-one career coaching and mentorship, enabling you to assess your goals, maximise your talents and achieve success.

Career Coaching

Career management is right for anyone who wants to develop or redefine their career. 

A career isn't something that happens to you. A career is something you make happen yourself, steering it towards your overall ambitions.

We have a tried and tested approach with lots of experience behind usWe have a number of programmes geared toward different career stages and situations but we have no strict formula and we don’t promote ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

Everything we do is tailored to you. Whatever your circumstances or goals our service is based around one-to-one sessions offering personal and completely confidential advice, guidance and coaching. 

We will work in partnership and support you to manage your career and achieve your goals. 

Fulfilling your potential and achieving your ambitions means taking control and we can show you how. Through a programme of one-to-one coaching and support, we’ll make an objective assessment of your career to find out where there are opportunities and where there are shortfalls. 

We’ll help you identify the skills you need to learn and the behaviours you need to develop, as well as providing our practical support and advice on areas like interviewing and communication. 

If you’re unsure about what kind of programme you need, or even if career management is right for you, just get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk.