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Tune in every Monday for honest conversations with individuals who have overcome challenges and found peace in their lives. This podcast will inspire you to unlock your true purpose and ignite your infinite potential. Now is the time to grow, flourish and thrive as you find your way home, back to your true self.

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Trailer Season 1 13 May 2021 mins

Welcome to Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home

I’m your host, Gillian McMichael, and I’m looking forward to taking you on a journey of self-discovery, as we explore insightful and inspirational topics that will help you find your way home, back to your authentic self.

with Gillian McMichael



Episode 2 Season 1 13 May 2021 mins

Welcome to Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home copy

In this episode, we are discussing the importance of trusting your body. It is normal to feel unwell, exhausted or not like your usual self – but what happens when you develop an overwhelming feeling that something just isn’t right? Today I am chatting with Louise Budgen, a woman who beat cancer only because she listened to her body’s warning signs and trusted her ‘soul’s whispers’. After visiting her doctors with health concerns, Louise was told she was healthy, despite knowing in her gut that something was amiss. She pushed for more answers until she was finally given the attention her body was crying out for – a move that ultimately saved her life.

with Louise Budgen

Episode 3 Season 1 13 May 2021 mins

Welcome to Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home

There is an inner child who resides deep inside each of us. If your inner child has unhealed wounds, or unresolved issues, you may find that those issues resurface during challenging times. It’s an important part of personal healing and growth to reconnect with your inner child, so that you can live an enriched, balanced and happy life as an adult. This episode explores the topic of reconnecting with your inner child with the phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapist, Tye Hunter, who shines a light on how this can be done and why it is so essential.

with Tye Hunter

Episode 1 Season 1 13 May 2021 mins

Welcome to Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the important theme of ‘Trusting Your Intuition’. Today, you’ll hear from professional Coach, Jeannie Sullivan, as she delves deeper into this topic. Jeannie experienced a turbulent childhood, and in adulthood, endured relationship struggles and a difficult divorce. Despite the rough patches in her life, Jeannie held onto the belief that her struggles would lead her home. Today Jeannie is exactly where she is meant to be, and she arrived there by trusting her intuition.

with Jeannie Sullivan


Meet Gillian, your host

Gillian Michael is a Master Coach, Chopra Centre Meditation, Ayurveda, Perfect Health Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer. She is also a coach training educator, a coach mentor and coach supervisor for over two decades. Gillian has supported over 10,000 clients overcome their barriers to success. Moving beyond fear to elicit agency in those she works with. Gillian walks her clients back home to their true selves. She embodies a holistic, whole person approach and has become one of the leading voices in transformational life development.

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