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Finding your way home with stories of courage and grit

Tune in every Monday for honest conversations with individuals who have overcome challenges and found peace in their lives. This podcast will inspire you to unlock your true purpose and ignite your infinite potential. Now is the time to grow, flourish and thrive as you find your way home, back to your true self.


Episode 11 Season 3 25 April 2022 15 mins

Bonus Episode: Reflections on Self-love & Coming Home To Your True Self

Host Gillian McMichael reflects on the third season of the Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home podcast, focused entirely on the theme of love. Gillian shares some of the meaningful lessons she learned this season, and shares a reading from her brand new book “Coming Home: A Guide To Being Your True Self” that touches on her own need to practise self-love. Season Four will be released in May and will be centred around the theme of "Discovery". Until then, stay well and invite joy and curiosity into your life.

with Gillian McMichael

Episode 10 Season 3 18 April 2022 43 mins

How To Fall In Love With Your Life

In this episode, you'll meet Virginia Oman – a woman who is no stranger to adversity. When she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she lost all hope. But rather than accepting the "limited life" that doctors predicted, she took matters into her own hands. She realised that no one was going to help her unless she helped herself first…and by changing her mindset, she changed her life and broke free from the limitations of the disease. Virginia, who is also a therapist and Life Coach, shares how she found happiness in the face of adversity, healed herself from within, and offers advice for those wanting to find more joy in their lives. This episode will inspire you to live a life of possibility…because we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for!

with Virginia Oman

Episode 9 Season 3 11 April 2022 36 mins

Coping With Grief After The Loss Of A Loved One

One of the hardest things you'll ever do is live your life without a loved one. When you've lost someone so close, it’s often hard to know what to do with yourself, and how to keep going. In this episode of the Full Circle podcast, I am joined by Sasha Bates, who shares her personal story about the sudden loss of her husband, Bill. Although tragic, Sasha has found a meaningful way to live her life through writing, her work as psychotherapist and practising yoga. In this episode, we discuss the stages of grief she went through, her advice for others experiencing a painful loss, and how she continues to celebrate his life in memorable ways.

with Sasha Bates


Meet Gillian, your host

Gillian Michael is a Master Coach, Chopra Centre Meditation, Ayurveda, Perfect Health Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer. She is also a coach training educator, a coach mentor and coach supervisor for over two decades. Gillian has supported over 10,000 clients overcome their barriers to success. Moving beyond fear to elicit agency in those she works with. Gillian walks her clients back home to their true selves. She embodies a holistic, whole person approach and has become one of the leading voices in transformational life development.

Meet Gillian

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