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Episode 8 Season 2 29 November 2021 38 mins

Coming Out & Living Your Truth

The popular understanding of sexuality is that it develops from a young age and solidifies as a person grows older. “Gay” and “straight” are treated as the default categories, with labels like “bisexual” or “asexual” often entirely forgotten. Although in recent years, more space has been made for people who identify with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or queer later in life. Living our truth requires being with the people we love – and for some, this requires the courage to pursue a life they never imagined they would have. In this episode, I am joined by Ashleigh MacDonald – a professional dancer who identifies as lesbian having only been in heterosexual relationships. Today, she shares how she met her current partner Rosie, what inspired her to live her truth, and how she overcame hardship along the way.

with Ashleigh MacDonald

Episode 7 Season 2 22 November 2021 47 mins

How To Transition Into Your Authentic Self copy

Caroline Paige was the first openly serving transgender person in the British Air Forces. In 1999, she made the choice to transition. After a nearly 20-year career with the Royal Air Force – there were immediate calls for her dismissible. However, Caroline moved forward as the person she was meant to be and found incredible success and praises for her exceptional service – becoming an LGBT+ advocate inside and outside of the armed forces. Today, Caroline is the joint CEO of the newly formed charity Fighting With Pride - The LGBT+ Military Charity. The charity is leading the health and wellbeing support of LGBT+ veterans, serving personnel and families. She joins us today to discuss her transition, life in the military and the advocacy work she does in the LGBT+ community.

with Caroline Paige

Episode 6 Season 2 15 November 2021 47 mins

Healing After Childhood Bullying copy

In this episode, I am joined by Sumi Mukherjee to discuss childhood bullying, and how those experiences can have longstanding effects into adulthood. Sumi was a victim of intense bullying as a child which triggered severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. To regain control, Sumi embarked on a transformative healing journey which he details in our conversation. Today, Sumi is an author, anti-bullying advocate and public speaker, who uses his own experience to help others. In doing this, Sumi found his calling – standing up for those who cannot. His story is an inspiration to those on their own healing journey after a traumatic childhood. As a victim of long-term bullying myself, this is a conversation I was looking forward to recording, so I hope you find the episode as cathartic as I did.

with Sumi Mukherjee


Meet Gillian, your host

Gillian Michael is a Master Coach, Chopra Centre Meditation, Ayurveda, Perfect Health Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer. She is also a coach training educator, a coach mentor and coach supervisor for over two decades. Gillian has supported over 10,000 clients overcome their barriers to success. Moving beyond fear to elicit agency in those she works with. Gillian walks her clients back home to their true selves. She embodies a holistic, whole person approach and has become one of the leading voices in transformational life development.

Meet Gillian

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