<p>Coronavirus update </p><p>Virtual Classroom facility launched on all courses</p>

Coronavirus update 

Virtual Classroom facility launched on all courses

<p>New online personal development,</p><p>meditation and lunch 'n' learn classes</p>

New online personal development,

meditation and lunch 'n' learn classes

<p>Want to learn more about coaching?</p><p>Join us at our free Introduction to Coaching webinar</p>

Want to learn more about coaching?

Join us at our free Introduction to Coaching webinar

<p>Live with Purpose,</p><p>Passion & Potential</p>

Live with Purpose,

Passion & Potential

<p>Training courses focused on</p><p>developing personal excellence</p>

Training courses focused on

developing personal excellence

<p>Bespoke courses, sustainable results.</p><p>Start your journey today.</p>

Bespoke courses, sustainable results.

Start your journey today.

<p>Curious about coaching?</p><p>Join us at our free introductory workshop</p>

Curious about coaching?

Join us at our free introductory workshop

We are the leading global centre for transformational coaching and development, providing tailored learning experiences that realise potential and inspire success.

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Superb support from everyone at Full Circle throughout. Excellent individual care and nurturing. Great teaching quality and thoughtfully presented.

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It is a truly transformational experience and provides a solid foundation for learning and coaching practice. If you do any coaching course make it this one!

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This course has brought a new level of insight for me to the art of coaching and I feel that I will take and use so much of what I have experienced this week into my own practice.

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Dr Chris Smewing

Dr Chris Smewing on studying the Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice

I initially signed up for the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and it fulfilled my expectations.  It was both challenging and enjoyable.  As a result of the training I began to tune in more to my intuition and emotions.

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Showing kindness to yourself and others

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness. 

Now is the perfect time to brighten up someone's day with a small act of kindness.

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Living in the now and moving towards your dreams

Most of us are learning to adjust to the new normal. Although this is a temporary situation that will pass, many people must re-evaluate as their changing circumstances have long reaching consequences. So what are the things you always wanted from life? What is in your vision?