<p>Want to learn more about coaching?</p><p>Join us at our free Introduction to Coaching webinar</p>

Want to learn more about coaching?

Join us at our free Introduction to Coaching webinar

<p>Live with Purpose,</p><p>Passion & Potential</p>

Live with Purpose,

Passion & Potential

<p>Training courses focused on</p><p>developing personal excellence</p>

Training courses focused on

developing personal excellence

<p>Bespoke courses, sustainable results.</p><p>Start your journey today.</p>

Bespoke courses, sustainable results.

Start your journey today.

<p>Curious about coaching?</p><p>Join us at our free introductory workshop</p>

Curious about coaching?

Join us at our free introductory workshop

We are the leading global centre for transformational coaching and development, providing tailored learning experiences that realise potential and inspire success.

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Superb support from everyone at Full Circle throughout. Excellent individual care and nurturing. Great teaching quality and thoughtfully presented.

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It is a truly transformational experience and provides a solid foundation for learning and coaching practice. If you do any coaching course make it this one!

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This course has brought a new level of insight for me to the art of coaching and I feel that I will take and use so much of what I have experienced this week into my own practice.

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The self-development and skills I have learned from this course are unparalleled

Prior to starting the Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle Global I was a Director at a global consulting firm.
Marianna Terzidaki

Learning how seemed to me like climbing a mountain on my own without a map and with limited equipment. After meeting the people from Full Circle I found that they are able to support me in this adventure.

I have studied Electrical Engineering in Athens and Operational Research in Birmingham and since then I have been working in the Telecommunication sector in the Marketing and Customer Experience.
Liz Goddard 1

Feedback from experienced coaches has been so thorough and considered, I feel I’m really growing as a coach

Most of my career I have been employed in Human Resources and Learning and Organisational Development roles.