Naomi B1

Naomi Bearcroft

Senior Coach & Trainer (ACC)


Naomi is considered as someone who is authentic, positive, loyal, brave and fun. She has a natural sense of leadership and has managed multiple teams both in the corporate world and on the sports field over the last 15 years. She strives to inspire others through her passion for challenge and her will to keep moving forward and never give up.

Naomi’s coaching style is direct yet empathetic. Her love of people and her never failing believe in their potential makes her extremely grateful to be able to dedicate her work to guiding, supporting and challenging individuals looking for support along their professional and personal journeys.

Naomi is very open-minded and her key strengths lie in her capability to quickly read a situation where people are involved especially in multi-cultural climates, as she is English but has been living in France for over 15 years. She also speaks fluent Spanish & a few words of Mandarin.