Start date 26 May 2024
Delivery Virtual
Price £4500+VAT

Coaching Mastery is a 9-month programme designed for you to fully master the art and science of coaching. This programme will not only enrich your life but will enrich the lives of those you work with. This is an in-depth and immersive development journey to the core of who you are and how you coach. This programme will bring you into a new paradigm of coaching.

This programme brings multiple disciplines together in an exploration to support your evolution as a coach. This programme will bring you into a new and profound relationship with yourself and as you learn to feel and navigate this connectedness, you will be able to guide your clients through the same transformation.

This body of work integrates and weaves together deep ancient wisdom, with the latest findings in advanced coaching.

This programme is designed to equip you with the most advanced coaching philosophies and modalities to effect deep and sustainable change within you and your clients.

How you will learn

Taking a blended approach to your development as a coach


This is a 9-month development programme that will introduce you to the key principles in coaching mastery. The programme weaves together a mixture of virtual in-person sessions, practice groups and coaching masterclasses.

Coaching Masterclass

Each live lesson will be followed by a coaching master class to lock in your learning. Taking the principles of the lesson you will observe a live coaching session demonstrating the model and principles of coach mastery.

Reflective Practice Groups

You will embed and embody the principles of the programme. After each lesson you will put into practice you're learning by reflecting and participating in small practice groups. The aim of these sessions is to experience the work through practice and reflection.


You will receive a workbook and a journal to capture your learning along the way. Each lesson will provide you with rich theory, practical exercises and experiential learning experiences, enabling you to fully embody coach mastery.