I’m thinking about becoming a coach - where should I start?

Feb 2020

Give us a call! We would be happy to talk you through the different pathways through ICF credentialing and how our courses fit in.

A good starting point is to find out more about coaching as a career, as opposed to say mentoring or counselling, so you are clear on the differences in these potential pathways. We offer a number of free resources to help you explore coaching and suggest the following options:

Our discovery day will introduce a number of tools and techniques that you can apply to your everyday life, as well as explaining more about the course options that are available.

Our ‘entry level’ coaching course is the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice. This will take around 5 months to complete and is assessed at ICF ACC credential standards. We call this part 1 of the coaching journey.

The next course which follows on from the Certificate is the Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practice. This will take around 9 months to complete and is assessed at ICF PCC & MCC credential standards. We call this part 2 of the coaching journey.

If you are confident in your choice to become a coach and are looking to become the most highly credentialled coach in the most cost effective way, we would recommend our Diploma in Professional Coaching practice. Our Diploma covers all of the content contained in the Certificate in Coaching Practice and Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practice, and also includes one of our niche courses of your choice. The Diploma takes around 12 months to complete and is assessed at ICF PCC credential standards. It provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the coaching profession.

Our niche courses can be used as standalone courses to give you a grounding in some specialist areas of coaching such as team coaching or coaching for wellness. These niche courses all provide Continued Coaching Education hours, ranging from 14 to 21 depending on the course. These courses are ideal for coaches who have previously completed the Certificate, Advanced Certificate or Diploma courses and are looking to move to a higher level credential with the ICF or continue their CPD as a coach. They are also suitable for beginners as the tools learned can be used in your own personal development and can help to establish knowledge in a specific area of coaching.

You can find out more about ICF credentialing at their website and read testimonials from people who have completed our course in our journal section.