Start date 5 Oct 2025
Delivery In Person
Price £2000+VAT

Our Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness Coach Training Retreat is for those who want to train to become an ICF accredited Wellness Coach. The retreat offers you the opportunity to relax, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings whilst investing in your own professional development.

About the Retreat

With health and wellbeing at work being one of the top priorities on the HR agenda, it’s not surprising that there’s been an increase in demand for qualified and formally trained wellness coaches.

Recent research has shown that those employees who are off work due to ‘sickness’ are costing employers 29,000,000,000 per year. With mental health issues on the rise, the pull of technology, with most spending more time online than sleeping and physical inactivity on the rise the call to action on wellness is essential.

It has been proven that organisations incorporating a wellness culture aspire to use coaching as an effective tool for enabling their employees to be present, happy and healthy.

Wellness Coaching is a highly effective way for people to learn, grow and develop themselves in a healthy and authentic manner. It is an active process through which individuals become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

By the end of the Coach Training retreat you will be able to coach in all aspects of wellness, teach and use mindfulness and meditation techniques with your clients but also use them for yourself. This immersive retreat will take you on your own journey to wellness and you will leave feeling fulfilled, enriched and inspired to do this meaningful work. You will also gain 33 hours of ICF Accredited Coach Training.

Our retreats take a maximum of 10 guests per week.

How you will learn

Through meaningful, insightful and experiential lessons.


The training is rich in theory, practical and experiential. You will receive 33 hours of ICF coach specific training where you will be trained in the art of mindfulness, meditation and wellness coaching. Group workshops will take place in the morning and late afternoon and will be experiential in nature. You will be guided through each module and will be required to reflect and put into practice what you have learned. These sessions will be interactive, thought-provoking and also lots of fun.


We will teach you the ancient Vedic traditional approach to mediation, known as primordial sound meditation. You will be introduced to your unique primordial sound manta based upon the sound the universe was making at the time, place and date of your birth through a beautiful individual mantra giving ritual. Along with mindfulness and pranayama practices to support the embedding of this life supporting practice.


Mindful movement is the perfect way to welcome in the morning and close off each day. Our classes are designed for all levels of practitioners, so beginners need-not worry as you will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga, focussing on alignment and pranayama.

Relaxation & Reconnection

You will have a personal orientation session where you can choose a number of additional self-development sessions to support your professional growth. These include reiki healing, chakra clearing, and your own unique wellness coaching session. There will be plenty of time to relax by the pool, have a coffee in the town square or catch the tram to the beach. There will also be a range of massage treatments to aid your relaxation whilst at the retreat.

Meet your guide & teacher

I have been coaching for over two decades and have a passion and talent for bringing out the best in you, encouraging and supporting your self expression and uniqueness. I have integrated all my knowledge and experience into this programme combining, advanced coaching practices, meditation, mindfulness approaches and healing principles to ensure you are equipped to support your clients in this meaningful work.

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