Delivery Virtual
Price £250+VAT

You have shared many moments with your fellow colleagues whom you trained with, practised with and developed a strong connection with. Being part of a community with like-minded people who share the same values, passions and desires to make an impact in the world are sometimes rare to find and that's why we have created Full Circle Forever

What is Full Circle Forever?

It's a community where you can remain connected, continue to grow and develop yourself as a coach. It's a place where your experiences can be shared, your knowledge will be built upon, and you will be given a safe space for you to embody who you are and what you want. It is also a place where you can top up your tank and refuel your energy.

How does it work?

There is annual membership fee of £250 plus vat per year starting on 1st January-31st December 2024. However you can join anytime of the year.

What do you get for your membership?

18 Hours of CCE from the ICF

Two virtual CPD development sessions

Four group mentoring sessions t

Four group wellness sessions

Four Group Coaching practice sessions

10% discount on all life development programmes

10% discount on all professional development programmes

How you will learn

Taking a blended approach to your development as a coach.


You will participate in 2 x CPD training sessions to help you develop and grow as a coach

Group Mentoring

You will participate in group mentoring sessions to support you in developing your coaching practice and competency

Group Practice Sessions

You will participate in group practice sessions to support you in your coaching practice

Wellness Sessions

You will participate in group wellness sessions to support your health and wellness as a coach