Season 2 Full Circle Finding Your Way Home Podcast Starts Today

Oct 2021

After a short summer break, I am excited to be releasing the second season of my podcast, Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home.

If you tuned in last season, you will know that 12 episodes were dedicated to understanding the complex topic of trust, and how having it or not having it can impact our lives.

This season, I am looking forward to exploring the theme of transformation, which – as a Coach - is a subject I am very familiar with!

I was interested in highlighting the amazing stories of people who have experienced significant transformative shifts in their lives. Whether it’s a career change, a lifestyle change, weight loss… I am speaking to people with remarkable stories that have helped them find their way home, to their true selves.

This week, we are diving into a fascinating discussion centred around perfectionism.

Perfectionism is often viewed as a positive trait – but for those who identify as ‘perfectionists’ - it is far from a positive experience; high levels of stress, fear of failure and unrealistic expectations are just some of the signs of perfectionism, and if left unchecked, these traits can consume the life of the perfectionist.

This week I am speaking with Natalie Orr, a Life Coach and professional dancer based in Madrid. Natalie has spoken openly about life as a self-confessed perfectionist, how she’s overcome some of her behaviours, and how she’s living a far more calm and balanced life as a result.

In our conversation, she shares what this journey looked like for her and the advice she has for listeners who would like to put perfectionist tendencies behind them, too.

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