Episode 6

The Future of Personal Branding with Brand Strategist & Trend Forecaster

Season 6 27 March 2023 46 mins

with Katie Baron

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Are you ready for an episode that will inspire you to take control of your personal brand and shape your future? I am joined in this episode by the brilliant Katie Baron – a London-based writer, brand strategist, trends forecaster, and futurist with extensive experience within the fashion, retail, and design industries.In this fascinating conversation, Katie shares how she helps clients shape their personal brand, sheds light on her job as a trend forecasting and her unique role in shaping the future, and some of the key cultural shifts and patterns she is currently seeing. This episode Is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for building a powerful personal brand, so I hope you’ll tune in and use this opportunity to dig a bit deeper and understand whom you want to be, and how you want to show up in the world

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