Full Circle Podcast Goes LIVE

Jun 2021

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the theme of ‘Trusting Your Intuition’. Many of us will have heard someone say ‘trust your gut feeling’ or ‘trust your instincts’, and there is a truth to that, which we should pay attention to. Our intuition is much more powerful than we may initially believe it to be.

Today, you’ll hear from professional Coach, Jeannie Sullivan, as she delves deeper into this topic. Jeannie went through a turbulent time whilst growing up and through to her adulthood, which sadly saw her endure relationship struggles and go through a difficult divorce. Despite these hard times, Jeannie pulled herself together, became successful in her career, and learned how to truly love herself. All along, she knew that her path was going to lead her to where she was supposed to be, and trusting her own intuition guided her to that place. To listen click here