Episode 1

Trusting Your Intuition

Season 1 07 June 2021 39 mins

with Jeannie Sullivan

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In this episode, we’ll be exploring the important theme of ‘Trusting Your Intuition’. Today, you’ll hear from professional Coach, Jeannie Sullivan, as she delves deeper into this topic. Jeannie experienced a turbulent childhood, and in adulthood, endured relationship struggles and a difficult divorce. Despite the rough patches in her life, Jeannie held onto the belief that her struggles would lead her home. Today Jeannie is exactly where she is meant to be, and she arrived there by trusting her intuition.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Jeannie

Jeannie touches on the times when intuition has showed up in her life. [3:56]

Jeannie talks about her upbringing and where she has come from. [6:42]

The time at which Jeannie’s life plans and dreams came crumbling down is discussed. [9:34]

The point that Jeannie’s life took a positive turn is talked about. [14:05]

Jeannie talks about letting go of expectations in her life. [18:10]

Jeannie reflects on how intuition has played a role in her career success. [24:14]

An explanation of what intuition feels like is shared by Jeannie. [30:19]

Jeannie talks about overcoming times where she’s experienced doubt or uncertainty. [36:20]

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