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Becoming a Coach: podcast with Gillian McMichael

Gillian McMichael, Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global recorded a podcast with the World of Work project about becoming a coach. Listen to the podcast here. 

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The self-development and skills I have learned from this course are unparalleled

Prior to starting the Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle Global I was a Director at a global consulting firm.
Marianna Terzidaki

Learning how seemed to me like climbing a mountain on my own without a map and with limited equipment. After meeting the people from Full Circle I found that they are able to support me in this adventure.

I have studied Electrical Engineering in Athens and Operational Research in Birmingham and since then I have been working in the Telecommunication sector in the Marketing and Customer Experience.
Liz Goddard 1

Feedback from experienced coaches has been so thorough and considered, I feel I’m really growing as a coach

Most of my career I have been employed in Human Resources and Learning and Organisational Development roles.
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For me, everything has just started. Every time I coach, I learn so much about my coaching style and my clients.

I have been working in the hospitality industry as a trainer for almost 10 years.
Julia Kotulova

An interactive and practical learning experience

Before I signed up for the course I was working as a User Experience Designer and Researcher for a Fortune 100 company.
Laura Bentley

Great balance of theory & competencies with hands on, experiential practice

I’ve  been working in Learning & Development for a Luxury Tour Operator for 5 years, training new staff as part of our on-boarding package, working with managers to develop their skills, including coaching led conversations and leading our new performance review process.
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Enjoy this coaching journey with an open mind and heart

The favourite part of my job as a HR Director has always been to support people to reach their potential and becoming a coach provides me with the right tools to achieve that even further.
rob pantn

Rob Panton: Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice Graduate

If this subject interest you even a little bit, believe me the best is yet to come.

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The most inspiring & interesting three-year journey of my life so far!

"Before signing up for the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice in 2016 I had been working as a Sports Coach and Physical Education Teacher for a combined 10 years when I discovered coaching.
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The most enriching thing I have ever done for myself in my career

"The trainers were motivating, knowledgeable and radiated passion for coaching, the Transform methodology both practical and applicable."

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I have personally learned a lot about myself and my potential and capabilities

"I have enjoyed the intense practical training where you step into the coaching role and get feedback and coaching in order to become better"

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Deep down, I know it will be worth every step of the way

If you would ever ask me, what do I think about Full Circle, I would certainly say that: “Everyone should experience this amazing journey once in their life, everyone should get the chance to be inspired by the Full Circle people!”
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Listen and you will be a good coach

"After retirement I wanted something substantial to do to contribute to individuals including those working in healthcare, social care and spiritual roles"

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Thank you to coaching!

"Thank you coaching for helping me come a little bit closer to myself and for enabling me through you to do the same for others"

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I now feel more empowered at work

"Learning the skills of a coach will help you enormously as you navigate situations at work and personally"


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Make the change

I wanted to become a coach because I enjoy working with people.
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I now appreciate the power of silence.....

"I am a joint partner in an accountancy, tax and business advisory business.
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Full Circle does a great job of supporting learners....

Before signing up for the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle, I was in the process of setting up my own HR Consultancy with the intention of using professional coaching as part of my business.
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Amal Monther - my coaching journey so far....

“ I have been living in Dubai for six years.

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