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Duration 10 Weeks
Price £195

With the never-ending complexities of the world we live in there is no time like the present to put a focus on your wellbeing. This 10-week plan that will introduce you to a wide range of tools and techniques so you can build your own sustainable wellness strategy.

About the programme

The word wellbeing seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue recently, but what’s it really all about? Different dictionaries show different answers, but at its core, the definition of wellbeing deals with how you feel inside.

We all have the basic human right to healing, happiness and wholeness.

It’s so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day, not just when you get sick. Learning how to eat well, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take a time-out when you need it are touchstones of self-care and can help you stay healthy, happy, and resilient.

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy. Most of us are crazy busy, have stressful jobs, or are too consumed with technology to make time for ourselves. Me-time is usually last on the agenda. Worse, we can sometimes feel guilty about taking the time required to take care of ourselves

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Your training style is more than I could have hoped for. You brought a lightness to the training, which means there was lightness coming from within you. You were real and brought a level of integrity and authentic essence which enabled us as a group to be more real and authentic to bond so much deeper.

Helen Harrison


How you will learn

Through meaningful, insightful and experiential lessons.


This 10-week programme will introduce you to a wide range of tools and techniques so you can build your own sustainable wellness strategy.


Each lesson will conclude with a guided meditation to lock in your learning. Taking the principles of the lesson you will given a specific meditation mantra to deepen your learning and connection.

Reflective Practice

You will embed and embody the principles of the programme. After each lesson you will put into practice your learning by reflecting daily in your journal and taking practical steps.


You will be equipped with a wide range of skills, tools and techniques that will enrich your life and help you live a purposeful, happy and long life.