Episode 8

Trusting the Connection to the Spirit World

Season 1 26 July 2021 47 mins

with Kerry McLeod

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Trusting that there is life after death brings relief to those experiencing grief and loss, so this episode explores the comfort that a belief in the Spirit World can bring. My guest, Kerry McLeod, is an evidential medium and transformational coach who supports those who are working through grief by helping them trust that an unseen world exists - - without the factual, scientific proof that so many crave. With 25 years of formal mediumship, Psychotherapy and Counselling training, her purpose is to act as the voice for those who no longer have a physical one. If the topic of reincarnation, life after death, or spiritual unfoldment pique your interest, then this is an episode for you.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Kerry

Kerry shares information about mediumship and the work she does. [ 2:45]

The path Kerry took to take on this work is described. [4:28]

Grief is a difficult process; Kerry reflects on how she helps individuals through this process. [6:52]

Having a reading is a unique experience, Kerry explains this process. [10:01]

Kerry discusses the emotions individuals have after receiving evidence in a reading. [12:34]

An example of evidence during a reading is given. [15:22]

People often look for signs; Kerry discusses how to navigate these signs. [20:39]

The journey of developing trust in the spirit world is reflected on. [23:10]

Kerry explains how she had to develop trust in herself and the work she does. [26:32]

The principles that Kerry lives her life by are touched on. [32:06]

Having the courage to follow your own path is discussed. [36:24]

Kerry explains how she copes with a wobble. [40:14]

Advice Kerry has for those looking for guidance is described. [42:01]

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