Episode 7

Restoring Trust After Infidelity

Season 1 19 July 2021 46 mins

with Jen Waite

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Today our exploration of trust continues with the topic of infidelity. Regaining trust in a marriage or new relationship after infidelity is difficult, and requires a lot of inner work and healing. I am joined today by Jen Waite, author of “A Beautiful, Terrible Thing”, who shares how her fairy-tale marriage was turned upside down when she discovered her husband’s adultery and personality disorder. Jen reveals how she discovered the truth, the impact his secret life had, and the self-work she undertook to relearn trust. The episode offers a letter of courage to those in a similar situation: there is the potential for a beautiful new beginning.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Jen

Jen Waite joins the show by discussing what trust means to her and how she restored it after her experience. [3:06]

Jen explains how her childhood left her naïve in life and unable to identify red flags. [7:48]

The first red flag that was in Jen’s relationship and marriage is touched on. [13:07]

Jen describes issues to look for in a relationship. [18:48]

The strategies and therapy that Jen undertook to heal is described. [24:42]

Jen explains how she wrote her book as a therapeutic tool. [31:36]

Advice Jen’s mother gave her after the infidelity is touched on. [34:38]

Jen reflects on the tools she has learned to use in everyday life to maintain her sense of self worth. [38:02]

The importance of learning to love yourself before you love someone else is discussed. [40:51]

Jen explains how she handles difficult days. [41:49]

Jen closes by giving her advice for listeners who have lost their ability to trust. [42:47]

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