Episode 6

Trusting the Universe

Season 1 12 July 2021 42 mins

with Vish Chatterji

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This episode explores the theme of trusting the universe. Whether you develop a connection with the universe through prayer, meditation, or intuition, discovering that the world has infinite possibilities can lead you toward your true path. I am joined by Vish Chatterji, an Executive Coach, Ayurveda astrologer, meditation and yoga teacher, and author of book: The Business Casual Yogi. During our conversation, Vish shares how he realised his true calling by trusting the universe and why it’s important to pay attention to the synchronicities that are often ignored.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Vish

Vish shares his story and discusses how trust in the universe can be learned. [3:33]

During Vish’s life in corporate America, he discusses the lack of trust he had in himself. [6:28]

Vish reflects back on the pivotal moments of his journey towards trusting the universe and the impacts it had on his life. [9:13]

The moment Vish realised coaching and yoga training was his path is discussed. [18:48]

Being open to seeing synchronicities and signs is discussed. [25:56]

Advice for people who do not yet fully trust the universe is given. [27:38]

Vish’s new idea of success is described. [32:04]

The biggest thing Vish has learned on his journey is touched on. [35:25]

Vish offers his advice for aligning your life and building trust in the universe. [38:04]

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