Episode 4

Childhood Trauma & Mistrusting Your Parents

Season 1 28 June 2021 35 mins

with Cayla Meredith

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Trigger warning: This episode includes conversations about physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Many people have their trust broken at some stage of their lives, but what happens when you experience betrayal by your parents or guardian as a young child? I am honoured to be joined by the Founder of the Move to Heal Project, Cayla Meredith. From a young age, Cayla was mistreated by her parents, and sadly experienced heart-breaking sexual abuse from a close family member. With her mother and father both battling their own mental health issues, Cayla often felt scared, alone, and unable to trust. Cayla bravely shares her journey of overcoming the unthinkable, mistrusting her parents, and turning her darkest moments into a passion for advocacy and strength.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Cayla

Cayla joins the show and introduces herself. [2:56]

The lack of trust Cayla had in her parents growing up is discussed. [3:29]

Physical and sexual abuse has devastating impacts on childhood; Cayla describes the impacts that the abuse she suffered had on her. [6:24]

Coping mechanisms and therapy to handle abuse and the impacts are touched on. [8:24]

Cayla’s stages of healing are discussed. [11:01]

The role of familiarity after trauma is discussed. [12:34]

Cayla discusses using safe groups and communities to heal. [15:00]

The journey of Cayla’s life led her to realize her purpose helping people; she touches on how this manifested in her life. [19:49]

The benefits of exercise for healing are explained. [23:56]

Learning to trust yourself is difficult; Cayla shares the lessons she has learned. [24:36]

Cayla discusses how she handles difficult days. [29:58]

Cayla shares her advice for those who experience conflicting emotions toward their parents. [33:12]

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