Episode 3

Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

Season 1 21 June 2021 42 mins

with Tye Hunter

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There is an inner child who resides deep inside each of us. If your inner child has unhealed wounds, or unresolved issues, you may find that those issues resurface during challenging times. It’s an important part of personal healing and growth to reconnect with your inner child, so that you can live an enriched, balanced and happy life as an adult. This episode explores the topic of reconnecting with your inner child with the phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapist, Tye Hunter, who shines a light on how this can be done and why it is so essential.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Tye

Tye explains what Rapid Transformational Therapy entails. [3:14]

The importance of reconnecting with your inner child is explored. [8:54]

Tye talks about how hypnotherapy has changed her life. [12:54]

Tye shares her experience of identifying her needs and tending to them. [13:59]

Discovering one’s self-worth and true power is discussed. [18:30]

Tye talks about learning to trust herself. [25:13

Learning to forgive is touched on. [34:06]

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