Episode 2

Listening To And Trusting Your Body

Season 1 14 June 2021 35 mins

with Louise Budgen

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In this episode, we are discussing the importance of trusting your body. It is normal to feel unwell, exhausted or not like your usual self – but what happens when you develop an overwhelming feeling that something just isn’t right? Today I am chatting with Louise Budgen, a woman who beat cancer only because she listened to her body’s warning signs and trusted her ‘soul’s whispers’. After visiting her doctors with health concerns, Louise was told she was healthy, despite knowing in her gut that something was amiss. She pushed for more answers until she was finally given the attention her body was crying out for – a move that ultimately saved her life.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Louise

Gillian invites Louise to talk about her experience that led her to trusting her intuition and listening to her body, even after doctors had told her that there was nothing to worry about. [03:45]

Louise touches on her determination to keep returning to the doctors’ surgery to push for further clarification on her health, which required her to be true to herself and her intuition. [06:00]

The importance of finding your own voice and being heard is touched on. [07:30]

Louise talks about how she implemented ‘radical self-care’ into her daily life. [08:45]

Many people emotionally declutter their lives when they’re trying to move forward in a positive direction. Louise shares her own experience of doing this. [13:50]

Louise touches on what it means for her to let go and surrender. [19:47]

Difficult times often teach us something about ourselves and our lives. Louise reflects on what she has learnt from her experience of fighting cancer. [21:46]

Louise talks about the books that have influenced her. [23:45]

Louise’s future plans for her business are discussed. [27:56]

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