Episode 12

Bonus Episode: Reflections on Trust, Trusting & Trustworthiness

Season 1 23 August 2021 8 mins

with Gillian McMichael

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The theme of the season has been about trust and so I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I feel about trust and what it means to me. I will also highlight some of the key lessons and insights shared from my guests and the importance of those messages.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my reflections

Truly trusting your intuition is about letting go of expectations and listening fearlessly to yourself, even if it’s not what others expect of you.

Only you know your body. The power of finding our voices and trusting that what we feel inside is valid and true.

We have the power to meet our own needs in life and heal from the times when others made us feel differently. Reconnecting with and healing our inner child comes down to trusting ourselves enough to protect and acknowledge who we are inside.

Trust stems from knowing what safety is - healing our trust requires learning what safety is and how to protect it and establish that within our lives and relationships.

When we lose trust in our own judgement, we loose clarity, boundaries and strength. Regaining this trust comes down to realising that we can navigate life on our own - we have the power within to navigate life’s hardest moments.

The universe offers hints to the direction we need to take, connecting to the deeper aspects of ourselves connects us to this universal language. Trust is about slowing down and listening to that language- even if its not what we expected to hear.

Trust is about boundaries - valuing yourself, doing the inner work and knowing that the people in our lives need to earn our trust is essential to rebuild and establish trust in relationships and ultimately ourselves.

Trust isn’t always physical - sometimes trust is about believing in something we cannot see because it brings us tranquility and joy.

Trusting ourselves is about nurturing our emotional integrity - finding it within ourselves to listen to our emotions without being ruled by them, and also without considering what family, friends or society expects of us.

There is power in trusting our emotions without being ruled by them, and without considering what family, friends or society expects of us.

By being open and receptive to messages from the other side, hope and healing is possible.

Navigating the difficult experiences means you nee to learn to trust your intuition and accept the countless changes that arise.

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