Episode 8

Coming Out & Living Your Truth

Season 2 29 November 2021 38 mins

with Ashleigh MacDonald

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The popular understanding of sexuality is that it develops from a young age and solidifies as a person grows older. “Gay” and “straight” are treated as the default categories, with labels like “bisexual” or “asexual” often entirely forgotten. Although in recent years, more space has been made for people who identify with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or queer later in life. Living our truth requires being with the people we love – and for some, this requires the courage to pursue a life they never imagined they would have. In this episode, I am joined by Ashleigh MacDonald – a professional dancer who identifies as lesbian having only been in heterosexual relationships. Today, she shares how she met her current partner Rosie, what inspired her to live her truth, and how she overcame hardship along the way.

Ashleigh introduces herself to listeners by describing her childhood. [3:02]

The time Ashleigh began to question her sexuality is discussed. [4:26]

Navigating the stigma around being bisexual or lesbian while growing up is reflected on. [6:17]

Ashleigh discusses her life during her marriage to her ex-husband. [9:50]

Ashleigh touches on meeting her current partner, Rosie. [12:54]

Letting go of constraints and living a life true to what you want is discussed. [16:08]

Coming out to her family is explained. [17:45]

Challenges Ashleigh has faced in her new life and relationship is detailed. [19:23]

Ashleigh shares the major lessons she has learned through her life. [21:14]

Recently disabled, Ashleigh explains what happened to her and how she is handling the change to her life. [24:52]

Ashleigh reflects on what she believes her purpose to be. [30:07]

The strength of Ashleigh’s relationship with Rosie amidst her recent health struggles is discussed. [32:07]

Insight’s Ashleigh gained through her transformations are explained. [33:05]

Advice for others struggling to be true to themselves is given. [34:08]

Ashleigh explains how to follow her journey on social media. [36:06]

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