Episode 7

How To Transition Into Your Authentic Self

Season 2 22 November 2021 47 mins

with Caroline Paige

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Caroline Paige was the first openly serving transgender person in the British Air Forces. In 1999, she made the choice to transition. After a nearly 20-year career with the Royal Air Force – there were immediate calls for her dismissible. However, Caroline moved forward as the person she was meant to be and found incredible success and praises for her exceptional service – becoming an LGBT+ advocate inside and outside of the armed forces. Today, Caroline is the joint CEO of the newly formed charity Fighting With Pride - The LGBT+ Military Charity. The charity is leading the health and wellbeing support of LGBT+ veterans, serving personnel and families. She joins us today to discuss her transition, life in the military and the advocacy work she does in the LGBT+ community.

LGBT+ participation in the Remembrance Day service is discussed. [3:04]

Caroline describes her childhood to the listeners. [5:40]

The moment that Caroline began to question her gender identity is reflected on. [8:28]

Joining the Air Force and being LGBT+ in a hostile environment is touched on. [11:07]

The consequences of being LGBT+ in the 1980’s is detailed. [17:28]

How Caroline found the courage to transition is explained. [20:02]

Bullying that Caroline faced after transitioning is touched on. [24:58]

Caroline touches on the work that brought her recognition and commendation for excellent service. [27:47]

The differences between Caroline’s life before and after she transitioned is detailed. [31:36]

Caroline’s relationship with her family and her their reactions to her transition is reflected on. [33:29]

The charity Caroline founded and her advocacy for LGBT+ people is touched on. [37:09]

Caroline explains what she believes her purpose to be now. [40:17]

The biggest learnings in Caroline’s journeys are detailed. [41:29]

Advice for people looking to transition is given. [43:02]

How to contact Caroline and learn more about her. [45:07]

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