Episode 4

Reinventing Yourself After A Life-Changing Event

Season 2 01 November 2021 50 mins

with Tulsi Vagjiani

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When we experience a life-changing event, we are often left to pick up the pieces of who we were and use them to create a new version of ourselves. I am speaking with Tulsi Vagjiani, an airplane crash survivor whose parents and brother perished, along with 89 others, after their plane crashed in Bangalore in 1990. At just 10 years old, Tulsi was flown home to England where she was treated for second and third-degree burns to 45% of her body. Today, Tulsi is an influential speaker, a Reiki Grand Master, Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist and an ambassador for Changing Faces. In this episode, she shares highlights of her healing journey and the moments that led her home to her authentic self.

About this Episode

Tulsi explains the beginning of her life journey and the plane crash she survived at 10-years-old. [2:37]

Survivors of the plane crash are discussed. [9:02]

The moment Tulsi realized her grief and loss is detailed. [10:51]

Tulsi’s recovery experiences and the bullying she faced is reflected on. [12:59]

Unhealthy coping mechanisms Tulsi adopted to navigate this time and her need to heal is detailed. [16:07]

Key learnings Tulsi developed during her healing process are touched on. [24:01]

Tulsi details how she learned to overcome her negative habits. [33:39]

The advocacy work Tulsi does and her purpose in life is reflected on. [36:35]

Gillian invites Tulsi to explain her philosophy for the future. [42:25]

Tulsi explains what she has learned about coming home to our true selves. [44:39]

Tulsi shares how she can be reached. [47:44]

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Hosted by ICF Master Coach, Mentor, Meditation & Ayurveda Teacher, Gillian McMichael, this podcast will inspire you to unlock your true purpose and ignite your infinite potential. Now is the time to grow, flourish and thrive as you find your way home, back to your true self.

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