Episode 3

Overcoming Addiction & The Path To Recovery

Season 2 25 October 2021 38 mins

with Natasha Blunt

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When battling addiction, many individuals make the brave choice to embark on a transformative healing journey. This is a challenging and scary path to navigate but taking your life into your own hands is essential for leading a fulfilling and healthy life. Today’s guest is Natasha Blunt – a woman who reached professional and personal burnout after facing mental health and addiction struggles throughout her life. Since embarking on her recovery journey, she is now living her truth as a Life Coach. In this episode she shares her story of overcoming addiction, the lessons she has learned during her recovery, and tips for staying on track.

About this Episode

Natasha discusses her addiction. [3:32]

The impact of recognising her addiction is discussed. [5:46]

The moment Natasha noticed her addiction was getting out of control is described. [8:04]

Factors that contributed to Natasha’s addiction are reflected on. [9:35]

The pivotal moment Natasha knew she needed help is detailed. [15:35]

Tools to maintain recovery and keep addiction under control are explained. [21:19]

The biggest transformation Natasha has seen in herself is reflected on. [29:16]

Natasha discusses how she is helping other individuals who are struggling. [33:08]

The purpose in Natasha’s life is touched on. [34:59]

Natasha explains how individuals can connect with her. [35:57]

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