Episode 7

Become the Star of Your Own Life

Season 7 18 September 2023 44 mins

with Karl Green

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This week on The Full Circle Podcast, I have the privilege of sitting down with Karl Green whose journey through the world of performance, dance, and musical theatre has taken him to stages across the globe. Karl's story is one of transformation and evolution - He transitioned from being a seasoned performer to becoming the driving force behind "The Performance Coach London Ltd." As a performance coach, Karl draws upon his extensive background in the arts to help individuals from various fields reach their full potential. In this episode, we dive deep into Karl's unique coaching approach, which is rooted in his keen understanding of the importance of mindset, honed through years of dance and theatre. I’m thrilled to explore Karl's personal transformation journey, from being a star on stage to becoming the star of his own life. Moreover, we'll discover how he helps other artists and professionals elevate their game, fostering resilience, confidence, and peak performance. Tune in for an uplifting and transformative conversation with Karl, and learn how to take centre stage in your own life.

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