Episode 6

Finding Connection After Feeling Lost

Season 7 18 September 2023 51 mins

with Jennillee Cabellon

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In this inspiring episode of The Full Circle Podcast, I sit down with the incredible Jennillee, a woman whose life journey has taken her from the Philippines to the United Kingdom, and from feeling like an outsider to becoming a beacon of hope for those struggling with similar challenges. Throughout her life, Jennillee grappled with the struggle to fit in and find her place in the world. Her journey was marked by moments of self-discovery and the painful realisation that sometimes, trying too hard to fit in can lead to losing touch with one's true self. It's a story that many of us can relate to – the longing to belong and the price we sometimes pay to chase that sense of acceptance. Today, Jennillee has harnessed her own experiences to help others navigate the turbulent waters of self-discovery. Drawing from her own journey of self-acceptance and resilience, she has become an advocate for those who feel like outsiders, offering them a safe space to embrace their uniqueness and share their stories. Join me for this deeply moving episode as Jennillee shares her personal journey of self-discovery, the challenges she faced, and the wisdom she gained along the way.

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