Episode 5

The Importance of Being Heard

Season 7 04 September 2023 42 mins

with Dr Trudi Taylor

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Dr Trudi Taylor, Executive Coach & Founder of IslandB, joins me on this episode of The Full Circle Podcast to discuss the vital importance of being heard. Throughout Trudi’s childhood and into early adulthood, she was faced with the reality that while people may have been listening to her, they weren’t understanding what she was trying to communicate – they weren’t HEARING her. This resulted in Trudi suppressing trauma, acting out of frustration, and being treated as “difficult”, when all she needed was to be heard. Now, after delving deep into the root cause of her trauma and working to uncover the obstacles that have held her back, Trudi uses her experience to support leaders in becoming more effective through improved emotional intelligence and connection with those they lead teams to become high performing through trust, healthy conflict, and attention to results, and she helps organisations equip their people to create and sustain ambitious goals. Trudi joins me in studio to discuss the importance of being heard and hearing the people around us, how not being heard and understood manifests later in life, and how she overcame the mental and physical effects of being misunderstood since childhood.

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