Episode 3

Representation, Diversity & Racial Justice

Season 6 06 March 2023 46 mins

with Mena Fombo

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In this episode, I have the honor of speaking with the amazing Dr. Mena Fombo (hon), a visionary based in Bristol who wears many hats as a founder, film director, facilitator, and global speaker. Mena is a highly respected advocate for equality and diversity, and the creator of Black Girl Convention, a movement dedicated to providing a sense of community for African and Caribbean women by promoting, shaping, and embracing the black girl experience. In our enlightening conversation, Mena shares her journey from playing semi-professional American football to becoming a champion for racial justice and social change. She emphasizes the significance of black-led spaces, self-acceptance, and the impact of her widely-acclaimed TEDx Talk, "No. You Cannot Touch My Hair." We also delve into the importance of teamwork, strong relationships, and building a supportive network

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