Episode 10

Discovering The Key To Financial Freedom

Season 4 18 July 2022 53 mins

with Carol Glynn

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Does managing money fill you with dread? Unsure how to budget, or how to tackle your debt? Well, you’re not alone – many people fall into traps that hinder their chances of achieving financial freedom. Today I am joined by Carol Glynn - a brilliant Dubai-based Finance Coach & Mentor who specializes in helping her clients become financially independent. As an Irish Chartered Accountant, she spent many years helping corporations thrive, but today she uses her knowledge and passion to empower women to take control of their personal and business finances, remove fear around money, and lead a financially abundant life. No matter what your financial situation is, this conversation promises to help you manage your money effectively, so you can live a fulfilling, wealthy and conscious life.

Carol’s background [2:00]

How Carol became interested in numbers [5:20]

Why people are nervous about money [6:30]

The power of money [10:00]

Relationship with money and the language we use [13:20]

Abundance in money [19:58]

Advice for managing money [26:26]

Mindset and money [32:00]

What to do after debts are paid [35:00]

Does money manifestation work? [37:40]

Closing thoughts & final advice [46:33]

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