Episode 9

Opening & Healing Your Chakras

Season 4 11 July 2022 47 mins

with Thimela Garcia

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If you want to connect with the forces inside of you, today’s episode is for you, as we deep dive into chakras - the energy centers of the body. My guest, Thimela Garcia, is a Kundalini yoga teacher and the author of ‘Chakras: The Guide To Principles, Practices And More’. Thimela also has a popular Instagram account - @ChakraMamaHealing - where she educates her following on how chakras affect our bodies and how they can help facilitate our spiritual healing. In this conversation, we discuss the common resistance toward spirituality, the seven primary chakras, ways of unblocking the chakras, and the powers of reiki healing – all in a bid to optimize the flow of energy and boost wellness.

Thimela’s spiritual background [02:25]

The significance of yoga and meditation [05:15]

Overcoming resistance toward spirituality [07:44]

The process of healing chakras [10:35]

How Reiki healing unblocks chakras [12:55]

Energetic bodies [16:07]

The seven primary chakras and associated colours [18:05]

Method’s Thimela uses to unblock chakras [25:24]

Partnership in healing [26:30]

Discovering more about yourself through your chakras [28:40]

Thimela’s book and the key learnings [30:55]

Energy healing is not a quick fix [36:00]

Allowing others to awaken at their own time [38:40]

Connecting with Thimela [42:30]

Gillian’s reflections [43:40]

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