Episode 8

Learning Creativity & Playfulness As An Adult

Season 4 04 July 2022 37 mins

with Leila Rezaiguia

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In childhood, our lives are centered around playing and being creative, but as we age, we forget the importance of play. But as my next guest demonstrates, it is possible to enhance our lives by learning to tap into playfulness as an adult. Leila Rezaiguia is a vibrant Executive & Systemic Team Coach and Coach Supervisor, renowned for her high energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving nature. She works with leading organisations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximise performance, and accelerate growth – and also delivers coach training programmes in the UAE. Leila is a free-spirit, driven by a desire to express her creativity, unleash her playful spirit and nurture her creativity in as many ways as possible. In this episode, she shares how she channels her creative spirit, how she injects playfulness into her coaching practice, and how you can invite more colour into your daily life.

Leila’s background [3:15]

What allowed Leila to introduce creativity into her life [5:18]

Why it’s important to connect with your inner child [07:56]

The difference Leila has noticed since prioritizing playfulness [12:18]

The ways Leila demonstrates playfulness [13:26]

Advice for inviting colour into your life [15:00]

The connection between creativity and the mind and body [17:50]

How Leila injects nature into her coaching practice [22:55]

Art therapy in coaching sessions [25:20]

Why adults don’t make time for play [27:30]

Advice for injecting more playfulness into your life [30:35]

How to contact Leila [33:57]

Gillian’s reflections on playfulness [34:39]

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