Episode 7

Discovering Late-Life Lesbianism

Season 4 27 June 2022 35 mins

with Melisa Raney

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For some people, coming out as LGBTQ is easy – they’re comfortable with their identity and sexuality, and may have a supportive network. And sometimes it’s downright messy – they’re older, married with kids, or simply unable to accept their truth. Whatever the case may be - coming out can be difficult, confusing and painful. My next guest is Melisa Raney - a mother and advocate for coming out. At 36, Melisa slowly began to question her sexuality. The problem was, she was in a heterosexual marriage, raising their two young children. Today, she is making, what she calls, her ‘mess’ her message: sharing her experience to guide others through the difficult process of coming out later in life. It is no easy feat, but as Melisa teaches us: when you live your life authentically, you begin to live your life unapologetically.

Melisa’s background [2:40]

Melisa’s experience of coming out [5:20]

How Melisa’s family took her news [7:40]

How Melisa handled her new life and her children [13:20]

Melisa’s work [18:56]

Why people don’t own their sexuality [23:30]

How Melisa has changed [25:25]

Lessons learned [28:12]

Closing thoughts [31:40]

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