Episode 6

Exploring The Healing Power Of Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine

Season 4 20 June 2022 49 mins

with Sara Verre

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In this week’s episode, we are exploring the healing practices of Ayahuasca and other plant-based medicines that allow us to heal from within and discover our authentic selves. I am joined by Sara Verre, a Transpersonal Psychologist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Breath-work Facilitator and Energy Practitioner. She is also a Plant Ritual Facilitator at ‘Behold Retreats’, where she helps individuals heal trauma and find purpose. During our chat, we discuss the benefits of plant-based medicine, Sara’s experiences with Ayahuasca and the odyssey one can expect from trying this psychedelic.

Sara’s background & career [2:10]

Sara’s journey with plant-based medicine [7:10]

Changing careers [11:02]

Working at the retreat and plant-based medicine [12:50]

Types of clients and the process [18:15]

Concerns about plant-based medicine [22:26]

Sara’s own healing journey [29:38]

Lessons learned [38:22]

Vision quests [39:45]

Advice and closing thoughts [44:48]

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