Episode 5

Finding Acceptance & Embracing A Life You Didn't Expect

Season 4 13 June 2022 44 mins

with Joe Powell-Main

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What happens when the life you imagined for yourself is suddenly out of reach? This week’s guest is Joe Powell-Main, Wales’ first professional ballet dancer with a disability. An injury early on in his dance career changed the way he would perform ballet forever. But being in a wheelchair didn’t change his love for dance and he has used his disability to enable and inspire others in the ballet and dance world. What I learned in this episode is that no matter where life takes you, there is joy in embracing a life that is unexpected. And that when curveballs hit, it’s normal to feel anger, fear, or sadness - but with the right mindset, facing your new circumstances can bring you one step closer to discovering your purpose.

Joe’s background & dancing [2:33]

Injury & recovery [8:40]

A journey into a new way of dance [15:00]

A new lease on the future [19:20]

Joe’s dance opportunities [23:30]

Differently abled dancer [27:38]

Inclusions in dancing [29:56]

Lessons learned [33:40]

Closing thoughts [36:19]

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