Episode 2

How To Become Sexually Empowered

Season 4 23 May 2022 41 mins

with Miriam Solis

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Sex and desire are something seldom talked about openly. To able to communicate with your partner about what you feel and prefer in the bedroom is rarely mentioned either out of fear or shame. Miriam Solis is a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist. She helps couples bring playfulness back into the bedroom and bring a new found appreciation to meaningful sex again. She can help awaken your libido or help infuse your sexual landscape out of stagnation. I am excited for this conversation and to get involved in the uncomfortable moments and discussions which help us grow.

Miriam’s background and career now [1:35]

Growing up [4:05]

Reasons individuals come to Miriam for sex therapy [7:03]

Sexual Myths [10:40]

‘Sexpressions’ [13:40]

Benefits to having regular sexual activity [22:15]

Why we have difficulty expressing our desires [25:37]

Advice on sexual empowerment [35:45]

Closing thoughts [38:30]

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