Episode 3

Discovering The Meaning Of Your Dreams

Season 4 30 May 2022 47 mins

with Ian Wallace

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Why do we dream? And do our dreams have hidden meaning? These are some of the common questions that I am happy to have answered on this week’s episode of the Full Circle podcast. I am joined by Ian Wallace, a dream psychologist and best-selling author, who answers the most asked questions about dreaming and shares what recurring dreams and nightmares truly mean in our waking lives. By understanding why we create unique dream content, we invariably discover who we really are, what we really need, and what we really believe.

Ian’s background and career [2:15]

When do we start dreaming [4:20]

Human life & high consequence [8:33]

How dreams work [11:30]

Dreams & emotions [12:51]

Ian’s expertise and who would seek him out [15:05]

The meaning of common dreams [16:15]

Visions & dreams [21:28]

Questions from listeners [25:53]

Dreams used in our waking lives [30:40]

Night terrors and recurring dreams [36:26]

Advice for dreaming [37:60]

Closing thoughts [44:55]

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