Episode 1

Ending Perfectionism & Becoming Your Best Self

Season 2 11 October 2021 37 mins

with Natalie Orr

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Welcome back to the Full Circle Podcast, where each episode of Season 2 explores the theme of transformation. Perfectionism is often viewed as a positive trait – but for those who identify as ‘perfectionists’ - it is far from a positive experience; high levels of stress, fear of failure and unrealistic expectations are just some of the signs of perfectionism, and if left unchecked, these traits can consume the life of the perfectionist. My guest today is Natalie Orr, a Life Coach and professional dancer based in Madrid. Natalie has spoken openly about life as a self-confessed perfectionist, how she’s overcome some of her behaviours, and how she’s living a far more calm and balanced life as a result. In our conversation, she shares what this journey looked like for her and the advice she has for listeners who would like to put perfectionist tendencies behind them, too.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Natalie

Natalie describes what perfectionism is and how it manifests in her life. [3:11]

The time Natalie’s perfectionism was at its worst is reflected on. [6:21]

Impacts of ballet and dance on perfection are discussed. [10:50]

Natalie discusses her journey to healing. [17:49]

Bumps along Natalie’s healing journey are touched on. [24:27]

The key learning’s of Natalie’s journey are detailed. [28:24]

Advice for other perfectionists is given. [31:13]

The resources Natalie used to overcome perfectionism are explained, including the book, “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by David R. Hawkins. [33:30]

Natalie shares where people can contact and engage with her. [35:55]

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