Episode 11

Trusting Your Maternal Instinct As A First-Time Mum

Season 1 16 August 2021 35 mins

with Jo Richards

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For those who became a first-time mum during lockdown, their “mother’s intuition” was all many had to rely on. Becoming a mum is a challenging road to navigate at the best of times but doing so with stay-at-home orders and social distancing made that journey much harder for today’s guest. Jo Richards became a first-time mum just 3 weeks before lockdown, forcing her to navigate motherhood under very unique circumstances. Jo joins me to discuss all things related to balancing motherhood and a career, trusting her intuition as a new mum and the important lessons she learned about living in the moment.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Jo

Gillian begins with asking Jo to share how motherhood is going for her. [2:43]

Jo explains how she found her routine as a mum during a pandemic. [3:31]

Jo explains how she and her husband handled Covid-19 struggles and getting to know their new baby. [5:04]

Jo discusses building trust within herself as a new mom. [6:50]

Being in the moment as a mother is touched on. [8:16]

The importance of intuition and trust when navigating motherhood on your own is discussed. [10:01]

The challenges of managing a business and being a new mother during a pandemic is explained. [12:50]

Bodily changes that happen after a baby can be difficult; Jo reflects on how this has impacted her. [15:20]

Jo discusses how she now listens to herself more and has learned how to say no. [18:39]

Balancing a business with motherhood is touched on. [20:54]

The ways Jo has changed her approach to life since becoming a mother is described. [24:41]

Jo shares her guiding principles for life. [25:26]

The biggest lesson Jo has learned about trust is touched on. [28:39]

Jo’s best advice for handling wobbles is described. [31:22]

Jo suggests steps for those who have lost trust in themselves and their intuition. [32:42]

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