Episode 10

Grief, Healing & Signs From The Other Side

Season 1 09 August 2021 32 mins

with Rahaf Raef Kobeissi

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The comfort that comes from receiving signs from loved ones who have passed on brings healing, peace and trust to many people. Today’s guest, Rahaf Kobeissi, is one person who has received messages the other side. Rahaf joins me to share how signs from her father after his suicide have helped her heal through grief and led her to discover her path as a men’s mental health coach. Her story reminds us that trusting in signs and messages from the other side brings comfort in life’s darkest moments.

About this Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Rahaf

Rahaf speaks about how she lost her father. [1:44]

The first time Rahaf felts her father’s presence is described. [5:30]

Signs that Rahaf uses to recognise her father’s presence is described. [8:29]

Healing and the importance of these moments with her father are described. [11:17]

Rahaf explains how she supports men’s mental health through coaching. [14:54]

Rahaf discusses the signs that help her believe she has found her life’s mission. [18:48]

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