What is it you actually do?

Nov 2019

Our upbringing, our social circles and even our work culture can influence our thoughts and feelings. We adapt and do adopt different behaviours that affect our sense of self. All this makes it harder for us to remember who we really are.

The complexities of life have an impact on us and overtime, they will change our perspective and perceptions - some of these may be positive but most don't have the impact we desire. In fact most of us attach ourselves to labels and end up playing roles to suit others needs. Meaning we get caught up in relationships, careers and lifestyles that are no longer serving us well.

It's at this tipping point when clients come to coaching. Knowing something needs to change. Most come presenting symptoms "I need to change jobs", "I need a better work/life balance" and "I need to fix my relationship" - All of these symptoms distance us even further away from home. To get back to our true-self, to move away from the diluted version of ourselves, we need to go beyond the symptom and connect with the root cause.

And by doing that I can walk you home, back to your true-self.