We all need a vision...

Dec 2017

I am writing this from Dubai, as we are in the process of launching our coach training programmes and our new events for 2018. As part of my trip I have been spent getting to know the area, the people and the culture. What an amazing place it is. What struck me the most was the country's vision for its self. From in 1996, only having a small number of tall office blocks, to 10 years later having hundreds to now creating Dubai south and a new city within its city. It's shared amongst its people and communities, ex-pats and locals alike, along with those who are helping turn that vision into a reality. This vision is not one that can be achieved overnight, it is a long term 50 year vision that was carefully crafted with insight and purpose. This vision will impact all of those who live and work in Dubai. It will also impact those who maybe just touch down and experience Dubai for a short period of time. Regardless everyone has its part to play and everyone will be impacted when the vision is realised.

It got me thinking about why visions are so important and my conclusion is simple, they are very important. They go beyond the goals we would normally set ourselves, they stretch our thinking and take us out of our comfort zone because they're at present out of reach. They focus on feelings and what it would be like when we eventually reach our vision. Meaning we already have an emotional connection to it so it keeps us motivated and provides us with the energy and drive we need to reach it.

Once we start to believe it's possible and that we can achieve it then it provides us with a way forward. A vision for yourself and what you want to achieve in your life is way more important than a smart objective or a goal we may set ourselves at the start of every year. A vision is meaningful and significant and one that if you believe will happen, can happen.

So as we're drawing towards the end of 2017 why not start now to create your own vision for your future. You can be as bold as you want to be, you can go as big as you dare to go and most of all remember it is your vision, you have created it so the only person stopping you from reaching it will be you. So like Dubai invest in the creation of your vision with insight and purpose, keep yourself on track, don't hold yourself back and just see how far you will go.