Spring - A time for growth, rebirth and new beginnings

Mar 2022

I don't know about you but I have had a burning desire to clear out my cupboards, declutter and get rid of the stuff that is no longer serving me well.

I began clearing out and de-cluttering with the physical, clothes and accumulated stuff that was just taking up space and blocking anything new from coming in. It then moved to emotional de-cluttering where I needed to empty some more of my baggage - this was a little emotional but well worth doing and journalling was the perfect partner in helping me un-code some of my deeper rooted 'stuff'. Finally I went to the mental de-cluttering. My head since the start of the year has been full of thoughts and the inner-chatter at times has been quite unbearable. But I was reminded by my teacher Deepak Chopra 'do you want your thoughts to control you or do you want to control your thoughts?' A mighty fine question to ask and one that reminded me I had a choice. As my negative narrative decided to roar inside my head, I decided to let it go, and focused on what was happening right here and now and not what was in the past or the pending future.

As soon as I had my physical and emotional de-clutter I got Covid. Thankfully it was just a bad cold but whilst I was resting up I found myself journalling a lot, reading and listening to podcasts. All of which guided me towards the more creative side of myself.

I got my paint brushes out and decided to paint, something I have not done since I was in school. The joy of putting the brush onto a white canvas not knowing what I would produce, was daunting yet exciting. I decided to put pen to paper and design a new personal development programme and I put the finishing touches to my retreat schedule. I also decided to go through my record collection and I played all my favourite songs from my youth - and what a joy that was.

I realised there was no coincidence in me doing what I did over this time, it was the spring equinox on the 20th March. Not only is it the first day of spring, it is a symbol for rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings. It is the time when we can move out of stagnation and leave the box sets of winter behind us and instead embrace our natural cadence of growth, rebirth and creating an equal balance within. So as the sun crosses the equator and the day is equal to the night, we too can reconcile the opposite parts of ourselves. Just like the earth, we can enter a new vibration and flow to our lives.

So if you haven't yet taken time to de-clutter, to let go of the stuff that is no longer serving you, then now is the time. I invite you to create space for the new energy of spring and to embrace the equal sides of yourself as you grow and evolve over the months ahead.