Reflections on Self-love & Coming Home To Your True Self With Gillian McMichael

Apr 2022

Host Gillian McMichael reflects on the third season of the Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home podcast, focused entirely on the theme of love. Gillian shares some of the meaningful lessons she learned this season, and shares a reading from her brand new book “Coming Home: A Guide To Being Your True Self” that touches on her own need to practise self-love.

Season Four will be released in May and will be centred around the theme of "Discovery". Until then, stay well and invite joy and curiosity into your life.

Gillian shares memorable takeaways from Season 3 [1:20]

Gillian reads from her new book; “Coming Home: A Guide To Being Your True Self” [3:23]

Closing thoughts on self-love [13:04]

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