Pete O'Shea on Transformational Coach Training

Jun 2020

My development towards being a Transformational Coach

I used to think I knew what coaching was about after a 22 year Career in Banking, where I had dabbled with coaching, after 5 of the most immersive training days you can imagine, now I am really starting to understand what coaching truly is and loving every minute of the journey.

My journey towards becoming a coach started about 15 years ago when I had my first experience of being coached and was blown away, I thought to myself that’s the role I would love to do one day. In between I had what I would see as a very successful career in banking, ultimately looking after a large part of a retail network in West London, a great job but the yearning to help and see others grow never went away. This year I decided the time was right and set about finding the right fit for me to help me become an ICF Accredited Coach.

I broke my shortlist down to four companies and after conversations with all of these there was this real connection with Full Circle. The most significant part of this was with Jane and the way she connected with my goals, the values and ethics she portrayed that ensured I chose Full Circle. No sales pitch, no pressure just a desire to help clearly shone through, that was the difference and when I texted her on a Sunday evening to commit to action she was straight back. I just knew that Full Circle was the right fit for me.

Joining a room of like-minded people in May I started my journey in earnest, having the combination of Ruchi and Naomi to guide us through the week was phenomenal, sharing their experiences and expertise really helped. The element of the week that really resonated for me was the interaction through the week in ‘Real Play” watching a Transformational Coaching session being undertaken, this then coupled with using the model both as a Coach and Coachee literally blew my mind. This really connected me with the Power of Transformational Coaching. I would be walking home with the effects and impact of my coaching session manifesting away, these sessions have been so valuable in steering and supporting me towards my goals, I cant quite explain the momentum I have post the sessions. Personally for me the value of this experience absolutely confirms I chose the right course or the right course chose me!

I have a long way to go on the Journey and fully appreciate it. What I continue to enjoy is the Masterclass Interactions, this follow up and continual sharing of ideas is invaluable. When you understand that other people are experiencing the same challenges and sharing their tips and thoughts continues to make me stronger everyday in my new chosen career. As I stated a long way to go but with the continual support it is made that much easier. We were encouraged to create a WhatsApp group and again in this new role working alone that connectivity and group is so supportive.

My journey may have taken 15 years to get here but I am so glad that when it did come I found out about Full Circle, I couldn’t be more happy to have had this experience or the support that they bring. Knowing that in time I will be able to share my Transformational Experiences with others is a fabulous experience to be building towards.

Thanks to everyone at the team, looking forward to my continued journey towards a Transformational Coach.

Pete O’Shea