On Purpose Autumn Edition

Oct 2021

As the leaves turn golden brown and the clocks are about to turn, I am finding myself lost in transition. My son went off to university, my husband is back in the office a number of days a week and living albeit still a little odd is starting to morph back to life.

I've found my thoughts drifting towards the end of the year, I even bought a Christmas tree (artificial of course). The year seems to have flown by and I can't believe that the supermarkets are counting us down to the end of the year. The pace of life seems to be running away with me and when speaking to clients they are experiencing the same thing.

A few weeks ago I was however made to stop and it was a hard stop. One I've not had to do for a very long time. I had a cycling accident that left me battered and very bruised and all I could do was stop and rest up. I've never been forced to stay still for so long (a full week on the sofa) and all I could to was move deliberately and consciously slow. I hadn't until that moment realised the turmoil transition can create and the imbalance one can carry without realising it.

Like all experiences they're there for us to learn from and this one I did indeed. The realisation that in life a longer pause is required to take stock, to refuel and recharge the batteries. This I know and teach, but often when we're the ones helping others transition, we forget about our own needs, and we forget to pay attention to ourselves.

I invite you this autumn to not get carried away with the countdown to the end of the year, but instead to enter the remaining weeks and months in your stride. Taking one-step at a time, conscious footsteps, leaving only the faintest of prints in the fallen leaves upon the ground.

Choose not to be heavy and instead be light,
Choose not to feel tired and instead feel energised,
Choose not to get frustrated and instead find joy,
Chose not to judge and instead show compassion...
and most of all pay attention to your needs, refuel and be deliberately slow - give your mind, body and soul what it needs - you will forever be grateful if you do.

Gillian x