Nicki Greenings' Full Circle Story

Jun 2020

Hello, my name is Nicki and I am a Coach. That sounds awesome to say and it fills me with immense pride.

A series of unfortunate events (not quite as bad as Lemony Snicket’s) led me on the path to Coaching. My life like many others had taken a few unexpected twists and turns. I was working in a well-paid corporate job and was starting to think of an exit – of something that would allow me to live with more purpose aligned to my values. I’m introverted, naturally emphatic, pragmatic with a challenging personality – quite a mix but a combination that leads people to find me when looking for no-nonsense honest guidance.

I signed up to Full Circle at the end of 2018.

I found the first few days of the course incredibly challenging, I felt at odds with some of the teaching content and methods, I was resistant, and the experience after 2 days left me angry, upset and confused.

On reflection, I was full of blame, I blamed my previous partner for our separation, I blamed work for what manifested as anxiety and now I blamed the coaching course for making me feel uncomfortable.

Forward on one year to 2020, I started again, this time, I had spent lots of time with my family and realised my own strength of love and care, I had left my job and I had re-qualified as a Personal Trainer, as a Nutrition Coach and I was practicing a slow living, un-busy lifestyle. Most importantly, I had realised that I was responsible for my choices, and I was responsible for how I responded to the world. I walked through the door apprehensive and anxious but there was no need. I was different. I was ready. I understood what Transformation Coaching was all about. I felt the essence and the spirit.

There is something special about Coaching – whether it was starting to Coach and reflect that created my realisations, or whether my realisations gave me the desire to Coach - I am still figuring this out.

I chose Full Circle for their credibility and for their strong female leadership team. They respected my journey, they gave me space to figure things out for myself and they welcomed me with an affection and non-judgmental style that I will always hold dear. You see, what I experienced through leaving in 2019 and starting in 2020 was my personal Transformational Coaching journey.

It is early days for my career as a Coach. I am proud to be a Life Coach, to support individuals in finding their freedom whatever that looks like for them.

If you are thinking about becoming a Coach, I would ask what is driving you? And if you have positive intention then find a good team to work with, like Full Circle, and get started now! This is a profession where self-discovery and growth are part of the job, where failure is part of the job where self-awareness and authenticity are pivotal. Be brave. Start the journey. Allow yourself to be inspired…. and follow your path. You will not look back.

Nicki x