New Certificate in Meditation & Mindfulness for Coaches Programme starts in September

Jul 2020

Join us for our NEW Certificate in Meditation & Mindfulness for Coaches Programme

The benefits of meditation include productivity as well as morale. Meditation helps you regulate emotions, change the brain’s physiology, and improves stress biomarkers.

A 2018 study — in which participants meditated daily — found that eight weeks of meditation in the workplace resulted in a 46% decrease in distress and a 31% reduction in negative feelings. “Brief mindfulness training has a beneficial impact on several aspects of psychosocial well-being,” it concluded.

The Certificate Meditation & Mindfulness for Coaches Programme will be interactive and will provide a comprehensive personal and professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools and techniques that you can practice anywhere. The programme will be delivered over 2-days, 10am-4pm virtual classroom sessions, using video conferencing through zoom. Each module will be explored fully and at the end of each session there will be a short-guided mediation session to help boost your own immune system and bring some calm and quietness to a no doubt busy mind.

After the programme you will be given access to virtual guided meditations and can join in person sessions for free.

Learning Objectives:


The Certificate in Meditation & Mindfulness for Coaches Programme is available for £495 per person.


September 10 &11

December 3 & 4

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