Meet Domante Kibirkstyte

Nov 2017

Before attending the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice I was European Marketing Manager for a commercial real estate company in Brussels for a year (supporting my partner in developing business in Europe). Previously I ran an events department in one of London’s most iconic venues.

I am a passionate reader and have read many books exploring human psychology, self – development, and personal growth. One of my favourite things is sharing the knowledge gained and applying that in real life situations. I thought coaching would allow me to do just that however I learned throughout the process coaching is quite the opposite! I did realise that those books helped me to become the best version of myself. I have to be an example to potential clients of that constant growth and development to be successful. Now, half way through the course everything is making even more sense although my perception had to shift for that to happen.

On the course I loved the fact that to fully realise the magic of coaching and how it works we had to experience transformation ourselves. It actually happened when completing coaching exercises with fellow trainees. I experienced a whole range of emotions during one week. I don’t think I normally experience that many in a year! Now I believe I fully understand the value of coaching and the responsibility a coach takes for the coachee.

The biggest challenge for me was that my imagination of coaching was shattered into pieces then completely unexpectedly I was taken through an emotional journey (frustration, anger, disbelief then confidence in who I am and what I can do). Coaching seemed to be much easier than it actually is. I learned that what seems to be very simple isn’t that simple at all. Being present, holding the space, following the clients agenda – none of this is easy but it takes practice.

Following the course I feel like I have gained very valuable knowledge and insight that can serve me personally first of all. I feel much more confident about going out there and helping other people to undergo that transformation and to see how powerful it is.

If you are thinking of becoming a coach trainee my advice would be just to go for it! Even if you end up not coaching on a professional level the skills learned will help you a lot in life. You will never regret going on this journey, just be open-minded.

Domante Kibirkstyte
Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice Graduate