How to break free from self-limiting beliefs

May 2023

Fear is what causes us to stop in our tracks; it’s our biggest and most threatening emotion. When fear is present, it will manifest into everything you do. Over time it will paralyse you and turn your thoughts against you until they become self-limiting. These self-limiting thoughts will become self-limiting beliefs. Once a seed of a self-limiting belief is planted, it will grow and grow and grow until you can’t see beyond the density of the weeds.

When in this space, you feel stuck and overwhelmed. Your vulnerabilities will start to come to the forefront. Self-doubt will be present, and before you know it, you will be paralysed by fear.

Moving beyond your limiting beliefs and beyond fear is easier said than done because, like any villain, fear does not want to be written out of the script; it wants to remain in the leading role. But to save yourself and be the hero in your own story, you need to believe you can do it and invite love in. Like any hero or heroine’s journey – love always conquers fear.

Consider the following questions:

• What roadblocks/obstacles do you put in your own way?

• What limiting beliefs are driving your behaviour?

• What stops you from facing your fears?